Comic 682 - 5.96 - Get a hobby.

24th Jul 2017, 5:27 AM in Day 5
5.96 - Get a hobby.
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Matt Knab 24th Jul 2017, 5:27 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Any suggestions for him? Being blind rules out some hobbies, but being rich makes a bunch more available. :)


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Again, space travel. Seeing how at this point it looks like the one thing he's definitely not done.
Matt Knab
New mission, spread humanity to the stars! Your job isn't over yet!
Hmmm while I actually do have some small amount of sympathy for Nolan (eternity wouldn't be so great if you think about it), I feel like if he was truly "good" as he claims to have been, he'd rather suffer until he found a better way.

But it's clear things have warped his perspective, which I'm not really surprised would happen.

You've written this conundrum really well, Matt.

(just curious, can he not kill himself? has he tried?)
Matt Knab
People are so short lived from his perspective, that their deaths don't really have much meaning to him anymore. We're like flies with a 24 hour life span, what's the big difference between now and later in the day?

He has tried but, unfortunately for him, by the time he became truly suicidal, his toughness far exceeded his own strength.
Maybe it's time for him to put his fortune to some good, such as finding a way to restore eyesight...
Matt Knab
Any surgeon would suffer some serious consequences for the attempt. :(
Also, there's still something we don't know about his blindness.
Cyber eye lasers! Make it happen!
Matt Knab
Douglas' dream laser vision at last!
"You held human beings as some kind of perfect little angels." Weren't humans created in the image of God and, as a result, became the favored of God, which invoked the wrath of Lucifer and precipitated the War in Heaven?

Find another "Goddamned hobby." He is "God damned" after all.

Matt Knab
In TT, even Nolan isn't aware of any "God" figure, much less Lucifer or an actual Heaven. If anything, he's been alive long enough to witness evolution to a small extent, and various creation lore has come and gone in his 40k or so years.
Thank you. :)
Alice, I love you. I probably would have antagonized him more and called him ignorant, lazy and feeble-minded (among other choice insults) out of sheer spite, but you're a better person than I. :)
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