Comic 683 - 5.97 - Good to know.

27th Jul 2017, 5:19 AM in Day 5
5.97 - Good to know.
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Matt Knab
Another time, Pyotr would take issue with Grin using Douglas' nickname for him!
Totally in sync! But considering the little previews you give us at the beginning of each chapter, I have a feeling this ends more so in Nolan's favor :( Still unknown is the fate of Pyotr and Grin though...
Matt Knab
You're right, those flash-forwards paint a bleak picture. How bleak...we'll have to see.
The Letter M
Love the new avatar
I second that opinion :)
Matt Knab
Thank you both! :)
Roll for Initiative...

Matt Knab
While Nolan was talking, Pyotr and Grin were holding their initiative for prepared actions. :)
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