Comic 691 - 5.104 - Recap

24th Aug 2017, 5:13 AM in Day 5
5.104 - Recap
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"Well... yes. More syrup?"

I love that they're sitting in a diner with food though, it feels so mundane after all the crap they just went through XD;

Pyotr and Alice, out for BONDING TIMES! GOOO :D
Matt Knab
Even the end of the world looks a little less dire with a warm and delicious breakfast. XD
I gotta wonder...if I'm recalling right...Pyotr is immortal too, right? I wonder if he fears what eternity would do to his mind?
Matt Knab
He's definitely seeing some uncomfortable parallels between them, which is weighing heavily on his mind.
Except for it being pure evil incarante times like these are when you need a Stormbringer.
Matt Knab
Heck yeah! Oh man, the nostalgia!
When she puts it together like that...the situation sounds rather hopeless D':
Matt Knab
Haha, that's what I was going for. This situation doesn't have a good solution!
Trap him in a metal coffin and throw into Mariana Trench.
Matt Knab
He's stronger than Grin, though, and even broke Crystal's arm like it was nothing, so it would have to be a VERY sturdy container. I wouldn't volunteer to try to get him in the box in the first place, either!
Is it possible to put him down even for a moment with a tranquilizer of some sort? I mean I know the dose would have to be like 10times for elephant or something but still.. if it was possible, even for short period of time, it might be just enough :D
I am back! And finally caught up, I love how she puts him as "an immortal caveman WHO SOMEHOW becomes a bilionare" SKIP!
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah, some other stuff happened in the middle, but Al's mostly just concerned about the wanting to kill her part of his story. XD
Welcome back!!
I get it now!!! I think Al represents the Mark of Cain! Without that mark, he can die...but his death will wreak sevenfold vengeance upon the city...and a third will perish...

Wow...a figure from Genesis will start Revelation. Talk about Alpha and Omega!
Matt Knab
It's more that they both have the same mark, and Nolan hopes to pit the marks against each other. Nolan's "soul" is so powerful, that it would take a good chunk of the city in its passing. Their mutual annihilation would amplify the effect to cataclysmic proportions (a third of the planet).
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