Comic 692 - 5.105 - What now?

28th Aug 2017, 6:01 AM in Day 5
5.105 - What now?
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Oh man, he nearly said "like us" for a second there before he decided he didn't want to be lumped in with a lunatic like Nolan after all XD;

Pyotrrrr I'm so excited to get to know you moreeee <333
Matt Knab
He sure did!
We're about to see just how similar or different Pyotr and Nolan are!
It's so cool that you've thought about how immortals would perceive time. And it's so believable too!
That concern you mentioned Pyotr having is definitely starting to show more in his speech.
Matt Knab
I figured time's passing already feels different in our lifetime. A week/month/year feels WAY longer as a child than as an adult, so it might be even more extreme if one kept aging even further.
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Matt Knab
He was going to say "us", but same idea.
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