Comic 693 - 5.106 - Stay awhile and listen.

31st Aug 2017, 5:25 AM in Day 5
5.106 - Stay awhile and listen.
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Matt Knab 31st Aug 2017, 5:25 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Here we go. Strap in!


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PYOTRRRR I'm in love with you already, if you take off those glasses I'm just a goner *dies* <333 (but happy in heaven kinda dying)

But okay fangirling aside, I'm extremely interested to know exactly what his backstory is. *sits back with some cocoa*
Matt Knab
I'm curious to see how you feel about him by the time we get to the end of his story. His is a tragic tale, but he's done plenty that he's not proud of too. We'll find out soon!
Love the contrast in their eyes on this page! And yessss Pyotr, we've been waiting to hear this!
Matt Knab
Thanks! It's actually really interesting how color has changed my art style. My early pages, color was an afterthought, but now I'm thinking about it as a I draw!
Oh yes, we'd love to know that backstory :D
Matt Knab
It's a long story, but nothing's stopping it from coming out now!
We need more shots of Pyotr without glasses!
Matt Knab
They'll be off for the rest of the story! You'll even get to see little kid Pyotr. :)
It is impossible to read this title and not hear Deckard Cain's voice.
Matt Knab
Haha, that was exactly what was going through my mind as I started this flashback. :)
Origin Story No. 2!!!
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