Comic 695 - 5.108 - Fire in the sky.

7th Sep 2017, 5:27 AM in Day 5
5.108 - Fire in the sky.
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Matt Knab 7th Sep 2017, 5:30 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Aw, little tyke Pyotr. :)


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<33 I remember seeing li'l Pyotr sweeping out the barn in your TWC vote incentive -v-)/ he is such a cutie patootie

Love dat bright light effect, but their faces seem to indicate this wasn't a welcome intrusion into their lives... :'D
Matt Knab
Yup! I'm totally repurposing that image as a page of this story. :)

They are mostly afraid because this is something strange and new.
So I feel like this may get answered, but what age does one stay immortal at? It seems to be suggested that this accumulates over time until reaching some critical mass of immortality, but there might be some other logic.
Matt Knab
We'll, it largely depends on the source of the immortality. But assuming it's an internal/intrinsic part of the individual, the "not aging" part usually starts at adulthood, but one could still be easily killed by an outside source for the first century or two. The supernatural strength and endurance builds over time, as the individual being or "soul" gains potency. Nolan's so scary because he's very likely the oldest, and thus the most potent, being on the planet. :(
Aw, his hair is still brown!
Matt Knab
Yup! We'll witness the change as part of his story, though. :)
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah, but wait that would be lightning! ;)
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