Comic 696 - 5.109 - Eyes of fire.

10th Sep 2017, 8:26 PM in Day 5
5.109 - Eyes of fire.
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Father knows best!
Matt Knab
Eeehhhh.... not really...haha. See next page!
Father decided to eat the fire chicken? :p
Matt Knab
Thus inventing the pre-cooked meal? XD
The Chessmaster
Disclaimer for any Medieval peasants reading this: although thatched roofs are less flammable than commonly believed, it's generally safer to assume strange lights in the woods are forest fires as opposed to phoenixes. Bringing your children to investigate strange lights in the woods may result in them developing grey hairs, discolored eyes, immortality, telepathy, magic, associations with mutated children of theoretically infinite power, severe burns, gaps in their torso, high blood pressure or vomiting. If you are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant, you should not inspect strange lights in the woods. Consult a doctor or other healer (not a necromancer) if effects persist for more than one millennium.
Matt Knab
Haha, oh man, this made my day!
I just cannot compete with that. Well done.
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