Comic 699 - 5.112 - Fiery beauty.

21st Sep 2017, 5:38 AM in Day 5
5.112 - Fiery beauty.
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haha Al and I were thinking the same thing XD

And Pyotr without his glasses, full image! :D Love it ^_^
Matt Knab
Great minds think alike! :)

He looks so much less intimidating without his glasses and gear, right?
Dang, Pyotr, you look fiine~
Aw, Pyotr without his glasses makes him a lot more younger and cuter XD
Matt Knab
Perfect! His glasses and outfit, among many reasons, served to make him more imposing and distant. Without them, he looks youthful and...normal. :D

Well, except for the hair and eyes color.
Nice to see him looking more...human. by the way, correct spelling is "Phoenix" ;)
Matt Knab
Oops, thanks. Corrected!
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