Comic 701 - 5.114 - The dark beyond.

28th Sep 2017, 6:07 AM in Day 5
5.114 - The dark beyond.
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Matt Knab 28th Sep 2017, 6:07 AM edit delete
Matt Knab

Kidding, the story is just getting started!


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Weepy Pyotr aw ;_;*

I really like the way you did these panels Matt! They're so full of atmosphere. <3

And wow, that 'I failed'... Things are now going to officially become Weird, aren't they XD
Matt Knab
Thank you! These story segments have been fun because they allow me to show snapshots that have the most impact.

Oh yes, Pyotr's experience with the supernatural has only begun!
Crazy to think about how Pyotr started so innocent, and now he's this badass who seems to know so much O.O It does point out what a shame it is that the knowledge one gains in a lifetime can't be passed on, and instead we are doomed to repeat our mistakes as humanity.
Matt Knab
Yeah, he's come a long way!

You're right, while knowledge can be passed to the next generation, experience cannot. And it certainly seems that wisdom which comes from having both is always in short supply in the world.
That'll teach you to take 10 on your Survival check!
To think one bird could change so much...
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