Comic 706 - 5.119 - Unexpected destination

16th Oct 2017, 6:38 AM in Day 5
5.119 - Unexpected destination
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I really love how you've chosen to juxtapose the present day scenario with the crazy fairytale that Pyotr's backstory is, that's really nifty Matt! -v-)/

Also - dude is it your birthday? 'Cause happy birthday! <3 I hope you had a blast! >w<*)/
Matt Knab
Thank you! That was exactly the intention, to have a calm, relaxing walk through "normal", while Pyotr tells a story that's increasingly fantastical.

And yes it was my birthday on Monday. Thank you very much!
Or....a sign of the number of contracts gone wrong? D: I would have NOPE'd outta there right away! Little Pyotr is braver than me XD
Matt Knab
Could be! I would turn tail at that point myself too!
Grandmother Yogg... some inspiration from Slavic famous "witch" Baba Yaga? :) Taken into account that Pyotr is a Russian version of the name, it seems probable :) Also "baba" in slavic languages often is near or meaning old woman or grandmother :)
Matt Knab
You got it exactly! *high five* :D
<hivefives back> Yay I'm great :D
That would totally spook me out. XD
Matt Knab
You and me both!
I just realized this is a good story for Halloween time!
For sure. Great time of year :D
What happened to those pairs of animals etc after breeding.
Awful lot of bird imagery coming through here.
Matt Knab
A total coincidence I assure you.
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