Comic 724 - 5.135 1/2 - Page swap!

18th Dec 2017, 5:40 PM in Day 5
5.135 1/2 - Page swap!
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Matt Knab 18th Dec 2017, 5:40 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Saved from the cutting room floor!
Today's guest page comes from the supremely talented Proxy170 of Project Arc. When drawing, I had actually cut this page and moved the text to the previous and next pages to try to shorten Pyotr's story which ended up being waaaay more pages than I had expected. Re-reading it, though, the pacing was off. Almost right as I was deciding that I'd go back and add a page back in, Proxy suggested a page swap. Perfect timing!
A big thank you to Proxy for this lovely page. The painting-like style really lends itself well to Pyotr's fairy-tale type story.


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Ohhhhhh this is really cool :D I love that page :)
The painty style really fits the story ^^
Great job Proxy :D
Matt Knab
It is perfect! I couldn't be more pleased. :)
Thanks for such a fun page swap, Matt! Some time down the road we'll have to do it again for FC :D
Matt Knab
Thank YOU!

Is it a bad time to mention FC will likely soon go on hiatus while I focus on these last chapters of TT season 1? It'll be back, though! I still have a good 800 pages waiting for me to ink and color. XD
Whaaaa nooo things are getting to such a good climax, I hope we'll at least get some of the Skiff conflict to a resolution of sorts?
Matt Knab
Oh yeah, I'll finish this volume/arc. That would be terrible to have gone nearly 400 and then end before the resolution!
Wow! It looks like an oil on canvas painting come to life.
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