Comic 729 - 5.140 - Before the King

8th Jan 2018, 5:10 AM in Day 5
5.140 - Before the King
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Oh boy... the three boons. We're finally going to discover exactly how this all went down, and I am so worried. >_>;;;
Matt Knab
Does it make it better or worse that we're moving so slowly to what almost HAS to be tragedy? :(
Those guards look like they've got a healthy dose of skepticism. ;D
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah, the guy on the left is all like "Woah, demon child! Begone!" And the guy on the right is thinking that this is the first time anything interesting happened on guard duty. XD
Haha you said exactly what I was thinking--if anything, had he still looked like a normal child he would have been turned away!
Matt Knab
Could be! Guards aren't really known for their critical thinking. Shooing him away would be much more likely. :)
Oh I love this. You even got the authenticity of the uniforms.
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