Comic 731 - 5.142 - Getting to work.

15th Jan 2018, 8:39 AM in Day 5
5.142 - Getting to work.
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Things just keep getting more complicated for him! And farther and farther from his original intent. Which is so true of life in general, I suppose. But most people don't have as much of a burden at this age as him.
Matt Knab
Each step is taking him farther from who he was and what he wanted, that's for sure!
Looks like the princess is going to pull through, but I wonder if he's gonna end up falling for the younger sister? I know, I have to wait. XD
Matt Knab
We'll find out soon!
Well at least she's kind to him :) Poor kid needs some cheering, this whole ordeal seems too much on such young shoulders ^^'
Matt Knab
He definitely needs some positive human interaction, as he's had so very little in his life.
I wonder if Pyotr ends up revealing to Nadia that he must give the third boon to a mysterious witch lady... >_>
Matt Knab
We'll soon see whether he confides in Nadia. At the very least, he might find out what having a friend is like!
Awwe she got a crush.
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