Comic 742 - 5.152 - Trapped by obsession.

22nd Feb 2018, 5:45 AM in Day 5
5.152 - Trapped by obsession.
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Looks like he's gonna have to choose...
Matt Knab
Indeed, and it's another life and death choice.
There's nothing left of your father in there, Pyotr.... D:
Matt Knab
Obsession can do strange things to people. :-/
If he didn't leave them to look for the bird himself, he'd end up the same way I guess :o I wonder what happened to those guys :o
Matt Knab
Yeah, he could have been caught up in the same madness. I'm sure his father and brothers have a story as well. Too bad they aren't in a state to tell it (though a flashback within a flashback would be awesome).
All caught up. Amazing and suspensive as always!!!! :))
Matt Knab
Thank you, glad you enjoyed!
And just like that Pyotr becomes the Sole heir of the estate and even better gets to watch the man who beat the crap out of him hang. What a twofer.
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