Comic 750 - 5.160 - Third Boon

22nd Mar 2018, 5:16 AM in Day 5
5.160 - Third Boon
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And the seeds of doom have been planted...
Matt Knab
It will be a swift harvest. :(
Ugh... well... shouldn't have wasted second boon on psycho family.... just sayin' xD
Matt Knab
Haha, right?
Noooo Pytor, don't you seee???? Now you'll never get what you want, including this!!! T___T

Matt you're tearing my heart out here :(
Matt Knab
Sorry! You're starting to realize why I lost steam on drawing TT for a few years. I knew what was coming. :(
Why do I get the feeling the witch will show up very soon after this expecting the boon, only to find out its gone? XD
She'll come to him when he's already married, and she'll destroy everything he got then and there I think :o
Matt Knab
She's been VERY patient up until now, hasn't she?
From witch to bitch in 60 Seconds.

Somebody's a coming and boy is she pissed.
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