Comic 751 - 5.161 - Honor and Responsibilities.

26th Mar 2018, 5:08 AM in Day 5
5.161 - Honor and Responsibilities.
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The intensity of that eye at the end says it all...
Matt Knab
That's certainly not the look of indecision. :(
Agh, Pyotrrrrrrr. OTL;;;;;

Watching this burning, sinking ship is so painful but masterfully done, Matt! ;_;*
Matt Knab
Thank you! We're getting close to the end, now. Hang in there!
I dunno, that's actually a pretty tough choice in my opinion...

Pyotr, what have you done? D:
Matt Knab
He's forced an ultimatum, which rarely has a good outcome. :(
Oh Pyotr, you silly youngling, I understand you too well... but damn...
Matt Knab
He's got good intentions, but reality is harsh sometimes.
Why do I suddenly feel like I hear Vegeta's scream when he finds out the Dragon Ball is missing?
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