Comic 753 - 5.163 - What next?

2nd Apr 2018, 7:28 AM in Day 5
5.163 - What next?
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If a boon is not granted, does Pyotr still have it?
That's a really good question.
I doubt it.. the King is pretty angry at this point so he won't be happy to give more favors to anyone coming in behalf of Pyotr ^^'
Matt Knab
@Jarvi, exactly! In the King's mind, Pyotr's last "boon" was being sent away with a cart of supplies instead of being executed. XD
I like how we're all trying to find a way out for him, even though we know he's been doomed :(

Matt's just crushing us lol.
Matt Knab
@Proxy, it's hard knowing what's coming. This chapter has been rough for me to actually draw out. I've known about what's coming since 2005-2006, but that only made it harder!
Matt Knab
@ Sigpig and Stever, not really. It was entirely at the King's discretion, and Pyotr just lost his goodwill.
Now I want to hear Yogg's reaction to him coming back to Her of all people.
Matt Knab
Pyotr: "I done screwed up and now everything is awful."
Yogg: "I TOLD YOU."
Knock knock...
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