Comic 756 - 5.166 - Seeking closure.

12th Apr 2018, 5:12 AM in Day 5
5.166 - Seeking closure.
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Nothing worse than a guilt trip to make the days drag.
Matt Knab
Guilt trips are the longest trips.
Damn... just... damn...

I feel like actually meeting Yogg and facing her displeasure with him would be much more cathartic and giving some relief. Like that it's just... damn.
Matt Knab
Yeah, even closure was denied him. :(
Clearly a self-fulfilling curse. If it's still in effect, want to get it on with Nolan and he'll get dropped in the sun for it.
Matt Knab
If only he could bring himself to WANT Nolan to live SOooo much. :)
Oh man...I almost feel like the abandonment is worse than if Yogg came crashing in punishing him. It's like "you aren't even worth my attention, take your punishment".
Matt Knab
That's pretty much it, exactly. Pyotr almost WANTS the "I told you so" and then a direct punishment. But really, what could Yogg do that was worse?
Well she did say she would make him beg for death...
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