Comic 762 - 5.172 - More than life.

3rd May 2018, 6:00 AM in Day 5
5.172 - More than life.
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Matt Knab 3rd May 2018, 6:00 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
The end of Day 5.

Whew. Never thought I'd actually get this far in the story. "More than life" has been quietly sitting at the end of Day 5's outline since 2005, code for "Pyotr kills Alice". It's one of the cornerstone moments for TT, at the same time as being one of the reasons I had set aside TT for many years - I didn't want to get to this moment! I tried several times writing a different end to the story, but it always felt like cheating or lying. This was Pyotr's decision, his solution to the problem, whether or not I or anyone else disagreed. Was there another way for him? Likely, but his decision was shaped by the endless years of hopeless tragedy that he's lived through, and his certainty that his attempt to save her would fail and result in millions dead.

And poor Alice... this was her fate before I knew who she was. The question I wanted to explore wasn't just "would you die to save the world" or "would you kill to save the world" but rather "would you kill someone YOU CARED FOR to save the world". And I don't know about you, but Alice's likableness ensnared me just as surely as it did the folks at the Trust.

I didn't want to get here, but now it's done. All that's left is carry on to the end. TT will have a one week break, a moment of silence if you will, and then will resume with Day 6, the Last Day of the Twilight Trust.

As always, thank you for reading.


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Oh. Didn't see that coming. 0_0
Matt Knab
I'm glad I was able to keep it a secret. I had such a hard time not saying anything to give it away!
So now it becomes will his curse override her shield? Probably, Yogg doesn't mess around.
Matt Knab
Or rather, is Pyotr's curse (to never get what he wants most) stronger than Alice's (to wound those who wound her)? Will Pyotr survive a magnified kill shot? Stay tuned!


What have you done??? D:

Does this really kill her??? Am I too hopeful in thinking she doesn't die? Here's my brain trying to find a way outta this one:

Alice's ability is that anything bad that happens to her will rebound back on the other person, right? And Pyotr's curse is that he can never get what he wants, right?

So if he wants death, as this chapter has suggested, by killing her he is hoping to die, but Yogg's curse will prevent that and Alice's ability will stop her from dying...but does that suggest it rebounds back again to Alice, as the killing blow must fall to someone?

OR, Pyotr's desire in this instance is that he prevents the turmoil that Alice's existence will bring (save the world), in which case he can't kill her because of Yogg's curse, and Alice's ability prevents her death...

Pyotr must have known Nolan had this ability too, so why not use the rebound on him and shoot him way back when he had the chance?
Matt Knab
I'm sorry!!! :(

As for who lives or dies, you'll have to stay tuned.

I can definitely tell you that Pyotr is doing this as a choice of duty over desire. He WANTS to save Al, but he feels his duty is to safeguard the greatest number of people. He knows he could be killed by this act, but, in his guilt, feels that would only be justice anyway.

While Nolan and Alice have the same blessing/curse (at least, Nolan thinks so), it is Nolan's age that has made him so difficult to kill. In the world of TT, immortals gain power/durability as they age, so Nolan's pretty much as strong as they come. Alice is still young and quite vulnerable. Shooting either would inflict a magnified wound on the attacker, but Nolan would almost certainly survive where Alice has no greater durability than any other teenager.
That was brilliant. I know that when you get attached to these characters it's like killing family, but sometimes, the story just demands it.
Matt Knab
Thank you! It was hard to go through with, but hopefully where the story leafs will make it worth it.
Matt Knab
I'm sorry, Serpy! D':
Now you know why I've been dreading this moment for years!
DUDE!!!! WHAT THE.....
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