Comic 767 - 6.4 - RIP Grin's House

28th May 2018, 6:01 AM in Day 6
6.4 - RIP Grin's House
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Thinking about it...if Douglas' powers are unlimited, he really would be the only one capable of defeating Nolan. He just has to stay confident til the end.
Matt Knab
If Charlatan was telling the whole truth, that is, it certainly is a possibility. Killing Nolan will still have dire consequences, however, for Douglas as well as anyone else nearby.
I caught up again!! I also think I chose a favorite finally , which is Douglas because it kind of seems like he isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind .
Matt Knab
Douglas certainly isn't afraid to say exactly what he's thinking, but sometimes he's a bit too quick to say whatever pops into his mind. :)
For a vote of confidence:
Resigning before the final boss would be really disappointing for him x)
Matt Knab
It's just not DONE. ;)
It ain't over till it's over, Grin.
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