Comic 769 - 6.6 - Bad news.

4th Jun 2018, 5:13 AM in Day 6
6.6 - Bad news.
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Matt Knab 4th Jun 2018, 5:13 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Can't just disbelieve your way out this one, Douglas. :(


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Wait it really confirmed? D:

I know she doesn't know this about Douglas, but I almost wish she saved this info til after he had an unshaken, confident fight with Nolan to take him down :(
Matt Knab
Well, see next page to find out exactly what info they have.
Grin doesn't want Douglas to go on a suicide mission if there's no reason to.
Oh man my heart is breaking again and my eyes are raining! PEACH IS DEAD TOO?? Well.... it makes sense T__T
Matt Knab
Im sorry!
All I can say is hang in there and see what happens!
Uhhhh.. so it worked.. and now they're both super dead.. damn... <o...o>
Matt Knab
But dead in the world of TT isn't ALWAYS as final as it is in ours. Hang on to hope!
Celerdon reiterate...


WHAT THE.....?????
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