Comic 770 - 6.7 - What we know.

7th Jun 2018, 4:57 AM in Day 6
6.7 - What we know.
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So now we come to the flicker questions:
Will Pyotr's curse cause Alice to live because he wanted her to be saved from Nolan more than life?
Will he actually die because he found something greater for the curse to deny?
It Was his gun so were his bullets rigged to kill him or just generic anti-supernatural ones?
Can Alice regenerate after being harmed and having the reflection occur?
Matt Knab
Those are all excellent questions to be asking! Stay tuned!
So maybe...there's a chance they staged their deaths? Just maybe? I'm gonna keep living in a delusion until I see otherwise lol

And on the bright side, as long as there's a few members of the Trust left, they can always rebuild! The world will still need saving :)
Matt Knab
It's possible that the bodies aren't them, sure. Though I can't imagine Pyotr killing someone to be thier body doubles.

As for rebuilding the Trust, we'll have to see who's left standing at the end of the season. :-/
Crestlinger should do a youtube Trust Theory MatPat. :)
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