Comic 772 - 6.9 - In no condition.

14th Jun 2018, 5:15 AM in Day 6
6.9 - In no condition.
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And this is how Douglas ends up goin' it alone...

I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably be with the others in this case (well, maybe not chief) but sometimes it takes people like Douglas to make things happen!
Matt Knab
He doesn't want to hear about what a bad idea it is. It just feels so right! XD
May have hit the real power Douglas has with that line; He survives precisely Because he doesn't overthink it:
*I need her at full power* 'Bite me.' Done.
Matt Knab
Even Douglas' confidence isn't endless (and we'll be finding out more about where his power comes from soon!).
Celerdon that blood going down the drain??

How badly was Douglas hurt??
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