Comic 773 - 6.10 - NO!

18th Jun 2018, 3:56 PM in Day 6
6.10 - NO!
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In the midst of all this, I'd imagine Douglas is processing the fact that he just lost a friend :(
Matt Knab
Yeah, he's a bundle of emotion right now. He's getting the worst of it out in private so that he can present a different face in front of the others.
Omigosh I had *so* much to catch up on and ahhhhhhhhhhhh @___@ SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!!

Matt you wicked tease, I'm SO sure we haven't seen the *real* result of things just yet. Pyotr's curse, versus Alice's own ... 'condition' really makes things complicated and I'm holding out for a crazy 'they cancelled each other out and cured each other forever yayyy' thing XD one can hope, right??

Poor Douglas though, this is ROUGH :(
Matt Knab
All I can say is I CAN'T WAIT to share my plans for Season 2. ;)

Douglas so often has that "I don't care about anything" demeanor that it makes processing this kind of loss even more extreme.
I feel his's just so...feelable. You inject a lot of emotion into these cells. You cannot help but empathize.
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