Comic 775 - 6.12 - Refreshed.

25th Jun 2018, 4:16 PM in Day 6
6.12 - Refreshed.
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lol yes, these colors are way too muted/coordinated for him XD

It's been so long since we've heard this style of Douglas dialogue, I realize I really missed it!
Matt Knab
I had to come up with SOME reason why he was wearing such tame colors in the flashforwards.

Right now, he's just using his brash manner to hide the hurt he's feeling. :(
Awww Douglas...seeing him act like typical Douglas numbs the pain I feel for Peach and Al! T__T
Matt Knab
He's acting like that to numb his own pain, too. :(

Hang in there! There IS a plan.
Let's hope it's more than 12 percent of a plan.
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