Comic 783 - 6.20 - Time to get serious.

23rd Jul 2018, 2:36 PM in Day 6
6.20 - Time to get serious.
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Thanos would disagree.
...and take this guy out without breaking a sweat.
Matt Knab
Well, Thanos would certainly mop the floor with Nolan, but...would probably kill himself via the retribution curse.
Nolan Nolan, you need to discover video games xD
Violence can be so much fun xD
Matt Knab
It's hard to get old people interested in video games, though, and Nolan is the oldest there is!
Right... looking at his image, one can forget that he is actually an old grumpy pants...
I can actually seen Nolan's POV on this one...but his arrogance about it (warranted or not) is just aggravating!

(how did I miss this update btw???)
Oh please....he may be Cain...

...but Douglas is Able....

to kick...his...ass.
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