Comic 788 - 6.25 - Rationalizing evil.

9th Aug 2018, 4:04 PM in Day 6
6.25 - Rationalizing evil.
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Matt Knab 9th Aug 2018, 4:09 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
So, he wasn't trying to harness the power of positive thinking?


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Further to that, anyone coming from an ancestry without that magnitude of negativity wouldn't have the desired skillset to begin with.
Example: breed a few generations of cattle to be milkers then find out the last one in the line has a nasty disposition so you enter it as a rodeo bull, and it does Nothing after coming out of the stall. Versus breeding a few generations of cattle specifically For rodeos to produce the evilest of mavericks that likes the taste of blood in the morning.
Matt Knab
Indeed, like he needs someone capable of violence, but not insane from meeting multiple violent ends?

Nolan is also making some educated guesses here. Just because long life has made HIM miserable, doesn't mean the memories of past lives would drive other people insane. The kids WERE going insane, but he's just assuming the reason. Could just have been whatever magic he was using warping their minds, eldritch style.
So once again, Nolan proves that everything he's done is for a selfish gain. Were he noble about this, he'd find a way to seal himself off and let humanity run its course, or at least try to use his power for good...
Matt Knab
To be fair, he spent centuries doing both of those! In his mind, he shepherded humanity through it's formative eras. Then he spent a crazy long time as a wanderer and beggar, just staying out of the way.
I guess the problem for him is that although he has a god-like ability, he still has a mere human mind...
Matt Knab
Indeed. Eternity has made of him a greater monster than any he's faced over the years!
I forget, is there a reason Nolan can't go to space to die? let him have/develop someone to kill him, then go to space and die where the explosion won't affect anyone else. also is he immortal enough that he wouldn't die if he flew into a star? does space even exist?
Matt Knab
Yeah, space definitely exists in TT, much the same as the real world.
While not addressed directly in the story, Nolan had definitely tried vacuum/suffocation as well as freezing cold before, but the result was only extreme suffering for as long as the condition persisted. I imagine he would be pretty terrified of flinging himself into the sun, only to suffer unending agony from which he could never escape. His own fiery hell!
Absolute power corrupts absolutely...
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