Comic 793 - 6.30

27th Aug 2018, 5:42 AM in Day 6
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Matt Knab 27th Aug 2018, 5:42 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Ugh, he said it...

But...who just arrived to interrupt?


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Who was that superhero face again?

The one who didn't believe that a founding member is actually an, at least, part time super villain due to their suicidal tendencies?

Seems like this would be time for one of the fools from there to show up or something. (I kinda forget the events up till now. I probably should go re read the comic.)
Matt Knab
I've just been calling him The Captain. Great call!
Having the power to do what you want so long as you commit to it sure is useful. And combine that with the mind of a kid who still has faith like that? Unstoppable >:)

And I actually have no idea who could be interrupting :o
Matt Knab
A potential combination indeed! Let's hope he can hang in there. Killing Nolan likely means certain death for his killer, though, so hopefully Douglas has something else in mind.
You. Yes, you, mysterious person. It's rude to be talking without showing yourself on the panel!
Matt Knab
Sorry, I forgot to swivel the camera! XD
I read that "Tada" in Takahata 101's Nappa voice.
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