Comic 795 - Day 6 Part 2

3rd Sep 2018, 9:03 AM in Day 6
Day 6 Part 2
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Matt Knab 3rd Sep 2018, 9:03 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Part 2! I'm pretty sure Part 3 will be the final chapter of season 1, so we are getting really close to the end now. Thanks to all those reading for helping me stay motivated to see it through to the end!

For those interested, the photo I used for the background was from a trip I took to Washington DC some years ago.


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haha I LOVE that Douglas is sticking his tongue out at him!!
Matt Knab
I very nearly wrote out this encounter, but I decided we needed a chance to see Douglas back to form before the end of season 1!
This actually works out extremely well in Douglas's favor as he now will have a body to club Nolan dead with that will bear the brunt of Nolan's curse. Alternatively, a fastball special or goading him into straight up attacking Nolan due to properly positioned dodging.
Matt Knab
Those are some great ideas! Douglas is so rarely the "good idea" half of the team, unfortunately. :-/
I guess we're throwing diplomacy out the window xD
Matt Knab
Douglas loves throwing things, and himself, out windows! XD
Omg I can't believe it's almost over!

Also I find it comforting how Douglas takes all situations lightly X"D. At least on the surface he does. haha keeps me from getting too upset! lOL X"D
Matt Knab
It's been quite the lengthy journey!
Yeah, there's no keeping Douglas down for long thankfully!
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