Comic 798 - 6.34

13th Sep 2018, 11:02 AM in Day 6
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The way I see it, he'll be the warm up exercise before the Nolan fight!
Matt Knab
Perfect way to look at it!
Defending Nolan after Nolan's public confession of mass child experimentation and murder.

One only wonders how the heroes' organization will ever survive this scandal.

After all every enemy of theirs both with the public authorities and among the villains are likely to seize on this and have a field day with this.
Matt Knab
While he is a tool at best, I would say that - even if the onlookers recorded usable audio - The Captain wouldn't know of it yet. He doesn't carry a cell phone phone due to a lack of pockets on his super suit so he didn't get the YouTube notification (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I wrote TT before smartphones were a thing that everyone had, nope...)
..... Did the Hero's Guild not get any form notification about how the Trust was wiped out a couple days(?) ago? I'm blanking hard on that right now.
Matt Knab
A great question! The two actually don't have close ties and operate independently. The Guild doesn't really know the identities of the Trust Agents who were killed, and right now they are believed to be random victims of a mundane serial killer. The Chief could have reached out, but that would have risked tipping Nolan off where they were.
........ Yeah the hero's guild's intelligence assets must be idiots for not keeping tabs on their own allies, at least to the extent of being able to put a name to a face if nothing else.
Edit: Not knowing if your lukewarm allies just got wiped out almost to a man is.... well I find it to be frankly embarrassing to be honest. It's one of those things that every "super"/"overwatch" kind of organization should do as a matter of course.
There's a difference between the guild and the trust.

The guild sucks.
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