Comic 802 - 6.38

27th Sep 2018, 11:35 AM in Day 6
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Icefall Kitsune
Dillinger is really good at the taunting!
Matt Knab
That is definitely one of his specialties!
.... I keep looking at this and thinking: Douglas should just go and punch the guy in the jaw while he's DBZ style powering up.
Matt Knab
But it's so pretty! XD
So....if this universe crosses over with Felora, is the Captain on par with a minion of Ra? >.>
Matt Knab
Not even close, actually. He might be able to give Everline or Warren a good workout, but they'd still have a generous advantage.
If he's a Super Duper Saiyan...then I shall find a way to become a Super DEE-TWOPER Saiyan.
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