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8th Oct 2018, 5:03 PM in Day 6
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Matt Knab 8th Oct 2018, 5:03 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Surprising absolutely no one (other than Nolan), The Captain just got OHKO'ed!
Now that this interlude is over, the real final fight is about to begin.


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Today, Nolan. Tomorrow? Satima.
Matt Knab
Except they'd probably just hang out! :)
.... You know, the big problem with Nolan's big suicide plan in trying to brute force someone into being strong enough to kill him... What if he succeeded and instead of killing him, his creation just decided to lock him in a box somewhere/decide the worst thing they can really do for revenge is force Nolan to continue living? I mean, After a certain point the largest chunk of pass experiences is mostly neutral events, followed by pain and suffering. All the good emotions tend to be high points that allow a person to keep on going rather than driving fuel.

Pain is a motivator; bliss, happiness and pleasure are sedatives.
Matt Knab
That is a great point. Once Nolan's not the strongest, what's keeping the new #1 from making his life misery instead of killing him?
Turns out, Douglas is thinking along those lines. Just turn the page! :)
Douglas sorta hits on it next page, but for Nolan to say Douglas took from him is just....SO arrogant. He basically suggests that taking from others is ok because they are beneath him, but who dares to take from a god?
Matt Knab
Exactly! "Normal" people are so short-lived that they are little more than animals to Nolan.
I think Douglas' forgetfulness is his defense. He compartmentalizes his deeds so that, as a "super villain" he doesn't feel guilt about his actions.
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