Comic 807 - 6.43

15th Oct 2018, 5:30 AM in Day 6
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and Rebuttal.
Matt Knab
No one's winning this debate, I think!
Mean while, the rest of the world is like, "can you guys take this outside?" XD
Matt Knab
Seriously! No one wants to be caught between these two!
The Chessmaster
So... on one street, we've got two of the world's most powerful people, both of whom want little more than to destroy each other.

This is gonna be hell on the property value.
Matt Knab
Let's hope there's any property left by the time they're done!
"You love this coffee shop!" Kaboom!
"You ate lunch here once!" Smash!
Uh come the specs.

S**t just got real.
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