Comic 810 - 6.46

25th Oct 2018, 5:40 AM in Day 6
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... Eh, mortality is mainly a state of mind after you reach a certain level of power.
Matt Knab
Then Douglas certainly hopes to change Nolan's mind!
Nolan, you done rekt his suit.
Douglas does not like to have his suit rekt...
Matt Knab
Haha, right?
"Stop ripping up my suit, dude! HIT MY FACE!"
Apparently a kid with no limits he doesn't place on himself and the confidence to win against any odds.
Matt Knab
Bingo! Douglas doesn't know how to quit!
Oh I know Doulgas can survive, but the city? Holy heck it'll be demolished in two pages at this rate!
Matt Knab
I don't think either of them is really thinking about collateral damage, either!
What mortal, indeed?
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