Comic 813 - 6.49

5th Nov 2018, 11:10 AM in Day 6
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Driven mad by that kink in his elbow for aeons (genociding a higher species really takes it out of you) Nolan at last has succeeded in crafting the right circumstances for someone to fix it.
Matt Knab
Haha, that would be quite the twist! :)
The Chessmaster
Good thing broken arms still work fine...

Seriously though, I'm super curious to see how Douglas's power interacts with Nolan's retributive aura. So far it looks like Douglas is taking the same hits he dishes out, but I can't tell how much they're actually doing to him.
eh, that's just the elbow. Arm's only broke in these kinda of fights if the bones between the elbow and wrist and shoulder are all broken too..... Then they tend to be used as flails depending on pain tolerances.
Matt Knab
Or strangleholds, Deadpool 2 style!
Matt Knab
He just needs to walk it off, he'll be fine!

Yup, Douglas is definitely taking the hits. Is he tough enough to withstand...himself?
You know, reading this whilst listening to Two Steps from Hell is REALLY good. :)
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