Comic 820 - 6.56

3rd Dec 2018, 2:58 PM in Day 6
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*Stomps foot 'And yet this ground is still here.'
Matt Knab
Hehe, that's the spirit!
And you know what he'll say? "Right back at ya" ;)
Matt Knab
This is a very high stakes game of chicken!
I heard a tremendous THUD when Douglas dropped that particular mic.
Matt Knab
Gotta know how to make an exit. :)
Nolan really is a lot stupider than I thought. Sure, Douglas has friends left, Stripes, Grin...maybe even the Chief and Criss, but even if he were able to kill them, what do you think Douglas would do to you? This moron can't even recognize that pissing off the dude that has publicly announced that he is going to destroy him piece by piece is only going to make him a bigger threat.

Nolan, you're pathetic. I hope that you finally FEEL again as Douglas tears down everything you built for 40,000 years. I hope you finally figure out that you were wrong. Enjoy your slow, public humiliation, you've earned it.
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