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24th Dec 2018, 9:03 AM in Day 6
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Matt Knab 24th Dec 2018, 9:03 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Most of the moments in this scene are all Feloran Chronicles references. Feel free to skip until we get back to the TT scene, or read below for some context:

So, in the last meta scene, Charlatan called Douglas "Peter", which was a revelation that one of Douglas' past lives was that of Peter Raihnnon of the Feloran Chronicles. Peter was Empress Everline's mentor and was basically THE most powerful hero on Felora at the time. When Daemon Ra was resurrected on Felora, it was Peter who fought the final battle against him. He vanished immediately after the battle, so Everline and the others had little choice but to assume he had perished in that final battle. In truth, Peter had accepted assistance from Charlatan to "power up" enough to face Ra, and had agreed to go with Charlatan right after defeating the demon lord (basically the same deal the timetwister made Douglas in the first meta scene).

The name Crystal Leah was a direct reference to Crystal Lee (cousin to Everline and Warren) who Peter had originally come to Felora to protect for...complicated reasons that aren't really important here. Peter was always a bit obsessed with Crystal, not in a creepy way but because she was massively important to the future of...well, just about everything.

The reveal on this page is that Criss is NOT a reincarnation of Crystal Lee at all, but someone else very close to Peter. I will explain more about her true identity a little bit later.


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Proxy170 this scene, it IS Criss talking, but about wanting to be Crystal? Because she knew of the past life connection with Peter/Douglas?
Matt Knab
It IS the Criss we knew in TT, but NOT the Crystal from Felora (stories earlier than the volumes online, unfortunately). Her subconscious was a bit envious of how important Crystal was to Peter (not in a romantic way, but in a "this woman is key to the survival of the galaxy" kind of way").
Felora Trust Mashup! Very Sandersonian!
Matt Knab
From the beginning, I always had the idea that Douglas was a reincarnated Peter. I WAS going to keep it to myself because it totally changes the vibe of what's going on in TT, but decided to share in the end. :)
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