Comic 828 - 6.64

31st Dec 2018, 10:05 AM in Day 6
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Aaaah! I fell behind over the holidays and I need to catch up ASAP!!
Matt Knab
We're not far from the end of season one, too! Let me know what you think when it's all said and done. :)
Oh...maybe not the same the objection from the other??

But if Peter didn't hold up his end of the deal already, I guess that means he really did die and the burden is passed on to Douglas, his reincarnation?
Matt Knab
Well, Peter didn't actually die in the final battle against Daemon Ra, but he's definitely on the hook for that deal.
He wasn't quite ready for Alysia yet, though, so these other lives are him paying the price for that bargain (leveling up via sidequests that are whole lives?).
Ohhh so now Sprite also has to keep leveling up?
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