Comic 829 - 6.65

3rd Jan 2019, 7:11 PM in Day 6
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Matt Knab 3rd Jan 2019, 7:11 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
If you think this newcomer looks like Daemon Ra, there's a very good reason for that! I'll elaborate in just a few pages.

His accusation that Charlatan's "help" was a lie is pretty important. Might Douglas not have the power of positive thinking after all?!


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Tall, dark, and needing sleep uses Loophole!
It's effective?
Matt Knab
He's just trying to keep everyone honest? Maybe?
Oh geez those eyes and the speech bubble for a sec almost had me thinking Skiff! But the content of his words makes me feel that's def not the case XD

Gettin' a bit crowded in this pocket dimension haha
Matt Knab
Skiff and Ra were the same species after all... ;)
Haha, yup! I mean, if Charlatan wasn't doing his giant impression, it wouldn't be so bad...
Yeah I was thinking that looked a lot like a Feloran Demon...but not DAEMON!
Matt Knab
The armor and cloak is very Feloran as well. :)
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