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14th Feb 2019, 4:00 PM in Day 6
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Matt Knab 14th Feb 2019, 4:00 PM edit delete
Matt Knab

So, now I can share with you a line from Pyotr's original character concept: "Saved the world once, but had to kill an innocent girl to do it. He is haunted by her spirit to this day, and tries to ignore her ghost (and his guilt) by wearing special glasses and by always playing music." Some of that shifted to Luna, once I decided I wanted Alice (and her fate) to be part of the main Season 1 story instead of Pyotr's backstory.
I still have BIG plans for Alice in season 2, as she and Grin are the "flashback" characters for the next arc.

Speaking of Season 2, I'm very nearly ready to start a serious outline phase. I have plenty of ideas of what's going to happen, now I need to make sure all those ideas fit together in a cohesive narrative. I'm going to take my time, and I'll keep posting updates here as I go along. I might not be ready to start posting pages for Season 2 until at least closer to Fall. My hope is that it will be worth the wait!

At some point before Season 2 starts, I'll also want to color up the first half of Day 2 so that all of Season 1 will be in color - and then see if I can make a big pdf or cbz or something for those that might want to download a copy for their digital bookshelf. Once I begin this process, I will post the new color pages here for you all to see.

I'll still be posting updates to The Feloran Chronicles, so I invite you to join me there while you wait for Season 2. :)

In the meantime, please let me know what you liked best/least about season 1! Thank you all for reading along. If it weren't for your interest and encouragement, this story would never have been completed. Thank you!

Matt Knab


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Favorite moment? Douglas announcing his super villain preferences, then falcon punching the blowhard captain And Nolan.
Favourite arc? Pyotr's past.
Matt Knab
Thank you for the comments! I think Pyotr's folk-tale inspired story was my favorite too - and it was what ended up closest to my original concept. :D
The Chessmaster
Hoooly crap. What a ride so far. Can't wait to see what's next.

So, some of my overall thoughts:

I guess what I really like about Twilight Trust is the way that it commits to being a world of superpowers and wonder that's just beyond most people. Normal people are the victims of such power, and their lives are completely changed by it. We saw it with Steven, we saw it with Douglas (who's especially fantastic for being so realistically messed up by his "upbringing"), and we saw it with Alice and many more. But of all those, Pyotr really takes the cake. From his father's obsession with the firebird to Yogg's curse, supernatural forces slowly destroyed everything he had and turned him from the sort of farmer's son you might see in a classic fairy tale to a haunted immortal seeking death. Similarly, the way the actions of the superpowered are put in context can become extremely brutal. Grin blows up an entire building with an ability that a magical ring can just nullify. Douglas straight-up kills Steven in a single punch because he forgets how fragile normal humans are. Hell, even characters with lower-tier powers find themselves completely helpless to stop giants like Douglas and Nolan from tearing down all they have.

It's easy for superhero works to lose sight of what power means, to the point where all fights are just arbitrarily strong characters levelling city blocks while their opponent takes it like an RPG: write down the lost hitpoints on their character sheet, then keep fighting like nothing happened. But TT manages to avoid that, in a number of delightful ways. It shows us that these powers change people, disrupting their entire lives. We see how the damage matters. People get hospitalized, paralyzed and even straight-up lose limbs, including some superpowered characters (I hope the Captain's Guild status comes with health insurance, because hoo boy). And we see how even smaller powers can change their user, like Edward spending his days asleep or Pyotr replying to Douglas's thoughts. It's stuff like this that keeps things in scale, and lets the sheer awe-inspiring nature of this universe carry over.

Another of my favorite things was the kind of powers on display. Douglas's power is probably the most creative take on super-strength I've ever seen. He's literally a kid who can punch through a wall by not realizing he can't do that. It's a power that would be almost useless on anyone else, but makes him a living god (albeit a defective one). What's more, it's a straight-up power fantasy for him, and it wouldn't work otherwise. Hell, his powers even have a built-in weakness: if he loses the battle mentally, he loses it physically too.

There's a lot of other reasons I like Twilight Trust, but those were some of the reasons I actually prefer it to Felora. Even there, there's things I didn't mention (like TT's better ratio of women with superpowers to men, or its clever use of time and flashbacks). Twilight Trust is an extremely solid work in general, fantastically drawn with a gripping yet unusual story. But when push comes to shove, there's one reason I, personally, would pick it out of all the other stories about supernatural agencies in the modern day: because it lets me feel what it would be like to live in that world.
Matt Knab
Thank you so much for your detailed thoughts, and for following the story over the years! It is very satisfying as a writer to know that you were able to appreciate so much of what I put into the story.

I'm hoping to continue improving on the writing even more for season 2. Felora I wrote in my teens, TT S1 in my twenties, and now I'm almost forty. I need to make sure that there's not TOO much of a shift, but I'm hoping that some extra layers of maturity and complexity only make it more interesting/satisfying for both myself and readers.
Oh MAN not the way I thought you'd end season 1, but it's perfect! Reminds me of how I felt after season 1 of Heroes, where although it was a complete story arc, you just were given enough of a cliffhanger that you were ready for more, but also content with a pause (NOT stop) here. Definitely looking forward to what's next!

I can't help but imagine that Pyotr's guilt is going to be even stronger after he finds out Douglas won, and Al didn't really need to die :(
Matt Knab
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for all your support over the years of posting TT! I hope I'm able to craft a season 2 that is just as entertaining if not more so.

Pyotr is going to be VERY guilt-ridden. It should be interesting to see how he handles it. But honestly, I'm more excited to start Alice's real story arc/adventure. :D
My favorite character?

Alice, because she was the only one I could really identify with in any realistic manner. She was just a normal young woman with an extraordinary gift and she handled traumatic and overwhelming events with more grace than I could imagine anyone ever having short of Jesus Christ himself. I love Alice and feel betrayed by Pyotr for taking the easy way out. Didn't he LISTEN to Edward? He told him to protect Alice, not kill her! I thought he had more sense than that and I'm disappointed in him for his lapse of judgement. Alice never harmed anyone and just wanted a normal life, and if Pyotr had just had more faith in Douglas, she might have had a chance at that normal life once Nolan was dead. I miss you, Alice, you died for nothing. :(

Favorite moment?

It's a ridiculous question for any reader paying attention. Sure, there are stand out moments: Alice shaming Nolan for being a narcissistic coward, Douglas revealing his plan to Nolan, Grin's epic declaration to Williams right before unleashing certain death (expertly handled comedy afterward, by the way, it didn't diminish what had happened, only reduced the stress from witnessing it), Pyotr's origin story and Alice's compassion hearing it, Stripes' moment of retribution after Douglas tricked the demon into becoming fully spectral, "Nancy"'s research reveal about Nolan, Vocal's epic betrayal, Criss' fight with Douglas and her redemption, Alice discovering Douglas' secret dining spot and finding out what it meant, quickly followed by him running from a good fight to save her life (I feel like he's the only one who truly loved Alice out of everyone - it was almost like she was a daughter to him in some ways).

So many stand out moments with one major element that I test every story with: internal consistency. You revealed things all in the appropriate time and explained it deftly with dialogue that didn't falter or have unnecessary filler. You respected the intelligence of your characters, gave them all a distinct voice, and let them tell their story their way whether it was a brief moment or a monumental pillar of the arc.

In short, the whole story was intelligently researched, crafted, written, executed in the art to bring out the poignancy of each defeat and triumph, and ultimately you willingly sacrificed characters that you loved, and we were meant to care about, because that was how the story needed to be told.

I'm sure Pyotr has you on his revenge list right now, and Alice is probably pretty cross too, but hopefully you can convince her to intercede on your behalf. ;)

I'm glad I get to read at least another full year of archives before catching up. Thank you for sharing your skill, talent and vision with us, Matt, it takes courage to brave the internet and let your creativity face the critical eye of anonymous passersby.
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