Comic 1 - Day 1 Cover

4th Oct 2013, 4:14 PM in Day 1
Day 1 Cover
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Matt Knab 30th Sep 2017, 6:27 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Want to read the first chapter in color? Skip ahead to HERE!


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Oh man, xD This certainly puts you in the mind set for a certain kind of story.

The idea of two men with these kind of muscles, dressed this casually tells me that I'm about to read some sort of battle story...a shonen...maybe something similar to a classic like Hokuto no Ken?

If not and they're just buff because they work out a lot, then I need to rethink a lot of my life decisions...


This page is overall solid. It isn't the best in the coloring department(looks like mostly a dodge and burn coloring job in Photoshop, but I can be wrong) but the character designs and overall layup make up for that.

I also like the title...something not only about what it says but also how it is drawn screams the 80's.

My body is ready.
Matt Knab
I hope you like the story!
There's definitely plenty of shonen jump influence in my story/art, along with a hefty dose of 80's/90's Marvel comics and cartoons.
The color work is definitely on the basic side, and I've developed a bit more technique over time. You can see more recent color work later on in Day 2!
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